Barracuda Fly Fishing Tackle

Greater Barracuda are found all throughout the Yucatan saltwater environment. Your tarpon/snook or bonefish/permit FLY FISHING outfit is perfect for leaping cudas. For barracuda fishing, you’ll need some lengths of nylon-covered, kink-resistant braided wire in brands such as Tygerwire, Sevalon, or SevenStrand in the 50lb class. Tie in a 12in length between the tippet and fly. Barracuda fly choices include “Bob’s Banger” in orange or lime, any needlefish fly like the Kudalicious, the Supreme Hair Cuda Fly, or any other lightweight, foot-long, articulated fly tied to your wire. Always connect the fly to the wire with a knot that has a strong loop so the fly will swing freely.