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Health Tips

Since most fishing in the Yucatan is in remote or possibly underdeveloped areas, follow the steps below to avoid diarrhea, injury and sickness: · Drink only bottled water and DO NOT use ice unless you are certain it is made from purified water. · DO NOT eat uncooked vegetables or fruit without a peel. Limes are abundant and contain high quantities of citric acid. A good squirt of juice from half a lime can help purify foods and beverages and it tastes wonderful with almost anything you might eat or drink. · DO NOT eat raw shellfish or undercooked meat. · DO NOT consume raw dairy products. Enjoy dairy products such as milk and yogurt in sealed containers. · If you must travel on roads by foot after dark, carry a flashlight with you and keep it on. You DO NOT want to become Yucatan road kill.

You will be in the tropics. Protect yourself from the sun and avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated. A very bad sunburn will not help you enjoy your trip. Use at minimum a SPF30 sunscreen and apply it frequently. Never go anywhere without adequate purified water and drink plenty each day to help regulate your core temperature. Although you may be tempted, DO NOT overindulge in alcoholic beverages, especially if you expect to be in the sun for any length of time. Alcohol will only dehydrate you and enhance the effects of sun and heat.

When wading, wear flats boots to avoid cuts and scrapes on feet or ankles. Wade slowly so you don’t push waves that alert game fish. Moving slowly will also allow creatures, such as stingrays that could injure you, to move out of your way. As you walk, shuffle your feet to keep from stepping directly on stingrays that may not be aware of your presence. Stingrays can inflict painful and possibly life threatening injury if the poisonous barb in their tail strikes you. Understand that a stingray will only sting in self-defense. It is simply an act of last resort.

Always use common sense around all wildlife and DO NOT handle any land or sea creatures you are unfamiliar with. While hermit crabs are certainly cute since they carry their houses on their backs, their pinchers can do damage if they get hold of bare skin. Understand that the ocean water you fish or swim in is temperate and does contain bacteria. Any open wound that you have may become infected more quickly. Treat any skin lesion as soon as possible with an antibiotic cream.

Now go have fun and make some great memories!!